Develop with Maxellco!

Develop with Maxellco!

We build user-centric digital products and infrastrcutures!

With our strong customer centric approach and design first attitude we can successfully complete your core brain team to build user facing digital products. We create products with frictionless usability, maximizing customer satisfaction and ensuring long-term customer happiness. 


Introducing the Maxellco Journey

1st Phase (cca 28 days)

Design: UI/UX assets


When parachuting into the new project we need to profoundly understand the environment, the context, the user profiles, personas and the key business drivers. Need to set up measures on how we account for customer satisfaction and how to know if we are successful in reaching that. 


We conduct interviews with the stakeholders, prioritize their aspect, their perception. We start at the design research for bad/good practices and drawing from our past experiences and successes. We develop user stories, create epics and schedule the rollout plan, keeping in mind on the “core” values functionalities fist and add-on complementary features to create the “whole”


Starting at the wireframes (basic building blocks of the app) constantly and consistently iterate on them until eventually we derive the carbon copy of the proposed application in all of its visual glory. 


We need to appeal to the user’s intuition and need to rigorously test the concepts with defined user groups, with  internal stakeholders or viaa private beta, before the approval for production. In light of the new information we need to incorporate the feedback and lessons learned to the final deliverable.


This process includes a design phase with multiple iterations and gigabytes of digital creatives to destil the final piece of elements.


Testimony: Patrick Dumas (COO of SMF): “The team delivered an extremely high quality work and the whole journey was very professional and efficient”


2nd Phase (cca 60-90+ days)




Our team excels in delivering complex applications on time and on budget, which makes your planning easy and reliable. The key to success that we believe in the power of projectification


“A project is the collective effort of the team with a specific and clear purpose, responsibilities, budget and deadline.“


In parallel with design works our veteran software architect can monitor the process and inspect the layers of complexities within the application in real time. 


In case some functionalities do not fit into the deadline or budget, we prioritize the features according to the core value proposition and user experience as defined in the research phase, always with your approval. Other features or new requests are getting grouped together for a potential next version V1.2 or if it affects the core functionality than a V2.0 accordingly. 


Our project manager can configure the product development roadmap, adhering to the core functionalities, organise work streams simultaneously or identify potential bottlenecks and dependencies. By the end of the design testing phase, we are ready to estimate the timeline and budget to deliver the app, including the suggested technology stack (stack) and the team’s configuration. 


The way we work:

Upon the approval of the plan, the team can start the app building right away. The team works in sprints (2 weeks), reports the progress weekly, and organises the work on a daily basis. By default the team works together remotely in our offices and travels to the client’s site for specific integration work, deployment tasks or collaboration purposes. The team is always available online (slack is the preferred communication tool) for quick iterations or via email (official file sharing channel). The team pushes its code to the git repository regularly, to safeguard the work and for quality assurance purposes. 



The team properly accounts for every hour of work, which the client can approve on a weekly/biweekly or monthly basis. We issue invoices on a monthly basis or if a milestone is reached and successfully demonstrated its functionality to the audience. Every product development plan is accompanied by a financial schedule.


Call to action:

Please let us invite you to see our references, testimonials and previous projects and ideas here: or let us invite you for a short introduction call to elaborate on the ideas together. 


We are confident to bring an impact to your business in just 90 days. Let’s make it happen!

Turn your ideas into results, just under 90 days!

With Maxellco, you are about to push the acceleration pedal in your drive. We have developed a 90 days methodology in our Growth, Digital and Data, now ready for your service. Please tell share a few links with us, and receive a full-fledged proposal to your inbox in no time.

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