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Growth as a Service (GaaS)

Unleash your true growth potential with our business and marketing tool-box. We build cutting edge revenue generation systems at scale. Starting with strategy and research, we execute complex plans to hit your goals.

Let's Grow!

Product as a Service (PaaS)

Technology is never the goal, but an enabling tool. We develop deigital products that fit your market, with uncompromising quality, with lean and agile methodology, from UI/UX via Web & Mobile till validation.

Let's Develop!

Data as a Service (DaaS)

Turn your data into actionable information! We predict churn, quantify sentiment and teach your softwares to perform better. We ace ML/DL, NLP, neural networks and AI algorithms to win the game.

Let's Data!

MXL Series

Insights, projects and everything that keeps us moving

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@Maxellco we share and shape your vision, max out on the job and keep the results coming.

Marcell Kovacs

Turn your ideas into results, just under 90 days!

With Maxellco, you are about to push the acceleration pedal in your drive. We have developed a 90 days methodology in our Growth, Digital and Data, now ready for your service. Please tell share a few links with us, and receive a full-fledged proposal to your inbox in no time.

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