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Digital Communicator 

We are a boutique product delivery / market validation agency working with international clients in the B2B segments in education-technology, drones, agriculture technology, robotics, AI, market places.

There are plenty of ideas around us, either from our own resources or for our clients which need to find their way to the market. In general, we believe that technology is getting more complex and we need to bridge the gap between the newer and newer solutions and the lagging market.

As a digital communicator we need you to disseminate the technology and ideas to repackage them into tangible, impactful stories, clear messages. As a team, we create the communication strategy together and alone you are responsible for seamless execution.

What will you do?

Website content, Social media posts, Blogs, Articles and Newsletters

  • Research the topic in point
    • Find and identify industry specific resources
    • Reference them in your work
    • Verify the ideas with team, experts 
    • Become credible, when talking about the technology 
  • We need you to create and structure the key messages, enlist the benefits and usability, Elaborate and explore various aspects of the technology or product. Talk with various team members, data, software, hardware, business to construct a marketable story line around the products and services. Do testimony interviews, get experts’ endorsements or craft press releases as you see fit.
  • We take care of the fascinating website structures and we need your support to craft captivating text, messages, triggers and information. We take care of all aspects of the design work according to your communication strategy.

What skills are we looking for?

What you need to have is 50% experience, 50% get it done attitude. Beware – in pursuit of perfection we need to make a compromise with time and budget. 

For the website: 

Basic experience with basic wordpress sites

  • Minimum: You have seen the back-end of wordpress sites
  • Maximum: You have published dozens of sites with all integrations

Based on your experience you will be responsible for minor editing, publishing or integration works. 

For newsletters:

Experience in Mailchimp

  • Minimum: Basic understanding of the platform, (emails, personalization, basic newsletter editing)
  • Maximum:You have coordinated landing pages, automated sequences up to 100k, tailored based on their segment and reactions. 

Based only on our experience, you will draft and formulate text content for periodic or occasional newsletters to specific audiences, and deliver newsletter campaigns. 

For the social media: 

Experience in Linked-in / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram 

  • Minimum: You have managed a business page and should be familiar with hashtags, user groups, linking, tagging, cross referencing
  • Maximum: Executed multi-regional paid campaigns

How do we work together? 

First, you need to show us your previous works, and we invite you to express your ideas in writing and on a call. 

We have weekly team meetings and project specific calls remotely. We coordinate our tasks using trello and communicate on slack and email. Pretty much that is it. 

You will be working on one of our own projects first in education-technology, drones, agriculture technology, robotics, AI, or market places and we develop into the long-term together. 

Please refrain from an impulsive, general application 

If this is something you could excel at, we would love to hear from you.

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