MXL Series

MXL is a series of articles about the latest technology trends and our view on it. It also features guests, entrepreneurs, industry shakers and movers to bring the stories closer and offer an unique perspective on the trends.

“The key is in the droplet” – a revolution in drone spraying!

“The key is in the droplet” – a revolution in drone spraying!

Mobilize your city: BattaTúra

“We exceeded our stats by 10x” Battatúra, the product that changed the lifestyle of every 2nd houshold in #Százhalombatta! Bring social Impact to your Community!

Drones in Agriculture: A booming sector?

About the industry The use of drones in agriculture enters to a more mature phase and no longer considers to be a radical […]

Event: Vertical Farming in the CEE?

Maxellco hosts the biggest vertical farming event in the CEE. The go-to event to hear the global leaders on the future of agriculture.

Save the date: 18th November.

Ed-Tech: Winning EU-grants again!

Maxellco wins direct EU-grant for Sbrick. The €200,000 will be used to develop a new product line and to accelerate the market entry. Read our Education Technology strategies here.

Expert panel: Circular Economy

Maxellco is recognised as Experts to jury at the Hackathon hosted by the European Business Summit to solve the most pressing recycling and waste management challenges.

The changing natutre of EU-grants

As we move forward with the new 2020-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework we expect the nature of EU funding changing. It will be more […]

It is high time we talk about hyper-automation

Imagine a world where there are no service centers. The entire customer relationship management is configured and fully automated with a click of […]

TAM-TAM: Hit the drums! Get your head around Total Addressable Market.

Just like a powerful overture when a symphonic orchestra start with base-drums at the back, to send shock and grab the attention of […]

Swappable batteries changing the game for e-scooters?

Battery swapping technology is expected to be the game changer from electric vehicles, mopeds to e-scooters. Although it failed largely in EV’s, are […]

Is Central and Eastern Europe behind the e-scooters revolution?

E-scooter revolution captured Europe after the staggering success in the United States. Bird and Lime the primary e-scooter sharing startups from California are […]

Is electric mobility eco-friendly?

Top climate scientists are alarming that climate change is ‘hitting harder and sooner’ than forecasted. In their report, issued just ahead of the […]

Why you shouldn’t stop customer education?

You have a wonderful website, you blog regularly, post to 2-3 different channels of social media and struggle to find content every day. […]

Digitalization in the Fitness Industry

Last week in Cologne, Germany – one of the world’s greatest fitness exhibition took place with over 20,000 attendants with 150+ exhibitors. Besides […]

Why Business Adventures?

We all feel the rush, the excitement when it comes to a good opportunity. But sometimes we want more, to be a part […]